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What doest it mean to connect with strangers, friends, ourselves? This is what they look like.

Alyssa DeCaro


Alyssa DeCaro is a group facilitator, yoga teacher, dancer, and musician dedicated to helping others tune in to their “essential instrument” through movement, breath, rhythm, and ensemble connection. As a yoga teacher, Alyssa is known for her fluid sequencing, precise verbal cues, and heartfelt presence. She has been teaching locally and internationally for 20+ years and leads popular classes at several studios in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2006, Alyssa founded BODY OF SOUND workshops and retreats based on the concept that your body is your most essential instrument. Her work integrates the audience/performer relationship to create an interactive, rhythmic, ensemble experience. ​When leading groups, Alyssa has a natural ability to shape the collective field... Transforming an ordinary room into an inspiring space where practice and play intertwine.

Susannah Freedman

Hi, I'm Susannah! I've been lucky enough to teach Yoga since 2010, and I'm even luckier that I grew up visiting with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Gurudev) many times throughout my childhood. I teach Bhakti Vinyasa which is a powerful, well-rounded flow grounded in devotion and the philosophy that is the foundation for the practice as a whole. My classes include epic chanting, fluid and dynamic sequencing, fire playlists and lots of humor because now more than ever we need to find laughter wherever we can. I'm so excited to move with you!
xoxo Susannah

Pete Guinosso

Pete Guinosso (E-RYT 500)

Pete Guinosso (E-RYT 500) helps students connect with their hearts. His gentle guidance and intuitive assists allow students of all levels to step out of their comfort zones and find their own authentic path in the practice. Pete’s classes offer strong, vigorous sequencing grounded in the breath and intention, and always leave room for playfulness and fun.

Drawing from his years as a scientist, Pete approaches his practice with a sense of curiosity and wonder. He also draws from what initially brought him to the yoga mat: over twenty five years of running, cycling, and competitive sports. His light-hearted exploration of going deeper on a path that is both physical and spiritual has created a thriving community of yogis in the San Francisco Bay area and around the world.

Inspired by his love of travel and the outdoors, Pete offers a wide range of yoga adventures each year, around the world and close to home. His passion to guide students into their role as skilled, authentic yoga teachers and healers led him to create his signature Lighting the Path teacher training. Pete tours internationally for workshops, festivals, trainings and retreats.

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